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Wherever Necessary

Our experience with patent litigation across the country, and with trusted local counsel, enables us to provide timely and detailed advice about both venue selection and ongoing litigation in all the high-profile Districts where major patent litigations are routinely filed. Our lawyers have experience in the Northern and Central Districts of California, the Eastern District of Texas, Delaware, Massachusetts, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern District of Florida, and Northern District of Illinois. We also have experience with the so-called “Rocket Dockets” in the Eastern District of Virginia and the Western District of Wisconsin.

District Court Representations

Finisar Corp. v. Nistica Inc. Counsel for Finisar in a 6-patent case relating to optical communications in the Northern District of California.


Finisar Corp. v. Cheetah Omni, LLC. Counsel for plaintiff Finisar Corp. in patent infringement action in the Eastern District of Michigan involving optical communication technology. Obtained injunction against Cheetah Omni from prosecuting co-pending infringement claims against Finisar’s customers in the Eastern District of Texas.


Philips v. WAC Lighting. Counsel for WAC Lighting in a patent infringement action filed by Philips in the District of Massachusetts involving ten patents relating to LED technology.


Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. v. Craig Electronics, Inc. Counsel for plaintiff Seoul Semiconductor asserting five patents in a patent infringement action in the Southern District of Florida involving light emitting diode technology for use in LED TVs.  The case settled with a consented judgment of validity and infringement in favor of Seoul Semiconductor.


Chromalloy, Inc. v. United Technologies, Inc. Counsel for plaintiff Chromalloy in a patent infringement action in the District of Delaware relating to the manufacture of aircraft engine components. 


Synopsys v. Nassda Corp. Counsel for defendant Nassda in patent infringement actions in the Northern District of California involving software tools for integrated circuit testing and design.


Western Digital Technologies, Inc. v. Cornice, Inc. Lead counsel for defendant Cornice in patent infringement action in the Central District of California involving 7 patents relating to servo control, error encoding, micro-motor and read/write operation technologies used in micro hard disk drives. Obtained favorable settlement and dismissal of action within 5 months from date of suit.


Everlight Electronics and Emcore v. Nichia Corp. et al. Lead counsel for plaintiff Everlight Electronics in patent infringement action in the Eastern District of Michigan involving phosphor and metallization technologies for light emitting semiconductor devices.


Prof. Gertrude Neumark Rothschild v. Cree, Inc. Lead counsel for Cree in patent infringement action in the Southern District of New York involving gallium nitride semiconductor technology.


The Fox Group, Inc. v. Cree, Inc. Lead counsel for defendant Cree, Inc. in patent infringement action in the Eastern District of Virginia involving silicon carbide technology. Obtained summary judgment of patent invalidity and noninfringement on the eve of trial. Fox appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Represented Cree in arguing before the Federal Circuit, which affirmed the victory before the district court.


Thomas Swan v. Finisar. Counsel for Finisar in an Eastern District of Texas patent infringement action brought by Thomas Swan relating to optical fiber switches.


Cree, Inc. against Nichia Corp. (World-Wide Intellectual Property Dispute). Counsel for Cree in a world-wide patent and trade secret dispute with Nichia Corporation involving six lawsuits in Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina and Japan and relating to gallium nitride and light emitting diode technology. Obtained favorable settlement through global patent cross-licensing.

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